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Il Prêt à Porter, la Moda a Portata di Tutti – 10 Must Have Fall/Winter 2012/2013

Sandalo cinturino alla caviglia (clicca qui)

Come ogni martedì 
alle ore 17 sarò osite di Manuela Battaglia  all'interno di "Ingresso Libero" su Radio Siena per il consueto appuntamento con la moda e il beauty.
Per ascoltare la diretta alle ore 17,
Ci sentiamo dopo 
Like every Tuesday at 17 I'm guest at Manuela Battaglia in "Ingresso Libero" on Radio Siena for the usual appointment...

Traveling With Me … Christian Dior Make-Up

Always traveling with me .. Dior!
Among my favorite cosmetics brands Dior is undoubtedly one of the first, when I travel (ultimante happens often), there are in my Beauty: facial cream and eye contour, eye shadow in shades of Purple (shade Must-Have F / W 2012-2013), and lipstick before leaving a splash of Miss Dior by Christian Dior
"Eau de Parfum...

My Golden "Joys"

I love jewelry!
I've always preferred white gold but diamonds are irresistible to me ... ;-)
Lately I have found very appreciative of the yellow gold and so I dusted off some of my "Golden Joys"!

Amo i gioielli !
Non sono mai stata un' amante dell'oro giallo, ho sempre preferito l'oro bianco ma allo sbrilluccichio dei diamanti non ho mai saputo resistere......

On the Road, I and Tiffany in Lamborghini – Il Prêt à Porter, la Moda a Portata di Tutti

Like every Tuesday at 17 I'm guest at Manuela Battaglia in "Ingresso Libero" on Radio Siena for the usual appointment with the fashion and beauty; To listen to the live at 17,

After a typical Saharan rain in Elba Island, water and red sand, I decided to go around in a Lamborghini with 'unusual navigator, Tiffany,...

October in Elba Island

Seconda giornata di riprese sul set del film che stanno girando all'Isola d'Elba con Filippo Timi ispirato ai  gialli di Marco Malvaldi, per la serie Sky I delitti del BarLume.
Esperienza emozionante e divertente allo stesso tempo !
Questo è l'outfit completo di ieri, che ho deciso di pubblicare oggi dopo i vostri messaggi e richieste di informazioni sul mini dress/colletto gioiello.
Il vestito Zara dress, potete...

Cut my Hair .. !

I returned to Elba Island after being in Milan and I gave a Cut ! ;-)
My favorite HairStylist , Mario Cifarelli, today cut my hair ...
A Perfect Cutting Hair... as always !
I enjoyed myself a lot to take these pictures, Franco gave me ideas of fun to take these pictures! 
Thank you... I enjoyed myself very much
Rientrata sul mio Scoglietto...

My Last Purchases in Milan

A long skirt, a pair of leggings, earrings, heart pendant by Marc Jacods are some of the purchases I made in Milan;
Soon wear everything and publish my outfit, this shade of color of the skirt I liked
all the nuances and shades of purple, pink, purple will be the trend this fall / winter ...

Una gonna lunga, un paio di...

Beauty Day – "Eau Sensuelle" Dior Addicted

Its Signature: Floral and sensual, harmonious and luminous.
Its Bouquet: essence of Rose and luminous Jasmine, it contrast soft and tender freshness with the armory of floral heights.
Its Colour: a soft, tender Mauve.
Its style: a Silky, elegant, lilac coloured dress.

a splash of Eau Sensuelle and let's go
direction Elba Island !
Happy Sunday to Everyone,
L'essenza di Rosa...

Peplum Dress – Must Have F/W 2013

Peplum Dress: Must Have Autumn/Winter 2013;
I love this model..!
we saw the dress-peplum in every fashion collection is elegant and trendy at the same time.
I wore this dress with my new ankle boots and clutch of my grandmother.
What do you think?
Il Peplo:
 che sia un top, una gonna oppure un abito, il Peplo è sicuramente uno dei MustHave di questo inverno !
Elegante, raffinato...

Marc Jacobs Necklace

I walked in Milan in the Brera District, I discovered the Marc Jacobs Shop, Jacobs is one of my favorite Designers, brilliant and ironic, 
I love his Brand !
I bought the necklace with heart-mirror, perfect with my bag Marc by Marc Jacobs.
What do you think ?!

In Zona Brera, a Milano, ho scoperto il negozio di Marc Jacobs, Jacobs è uno...

Dior "The New Nude" – Fashion Bloggers Event

I had an incredible experience Monday in Milan at the store Mazzolari in Pop-up "The New Nude" by Dior!
Fabio, the Make-Up artist did an amazing Make-Up, he used "THE NEW NUDE" collection by Dior, 
the products leave the skin silky, ethereal, eye-shadow shades are very beautiful!
I wear black and green and a wonderful flesh-colored lip gloss;
The New Nude is a...

Milan Fitness Room Outfit

It's bad weather in Milan !

No street style today, I decided to take pictures of this outfit in the Fitness Room of the Hotel between a race and a turkish bath ;-)
I decided to wear my new ankle boots with a short dress with lace that I bought in Paris, a Patrizia Pepe Trench Coat, a Colored Maxi Clutch...

Milan Street Style

Milan Street Style!
Today was a busy day but I'm happy, I worked and after I went shopping!
The last purchase? 
A Plisse long skirt and accessories 

Milano Street Style !
Oggi è stata una giornata intensa ma sono felice, ho lavorato per il blog e dopo mi sono data allo shopping sfrenato !
Gli ultimi acquisti ? 
Una gonna lunga plissè, orecchini, un braccialletto strepitoso...

Travelling To Milan for Dior Make-Up Experience

I arrived in Milan for my experience with Dior Make-Up!
I chose a comfortable "ANIMALIER" outfit,
What do you think?
I will publish, as soon as possible, all the event photos..!
In the Meantime I put on the blog a Dior Make-Up Preview
Appena arrivata a Milano per vivere un'incredibile esperienza Dior Make-Up al Pop-up Mazzolari;
ho scelto di indossare per il viaggio un outfit pratico con un...

Dior The New Nude – Next Experience

Yes We Can ! ;-)
I'll see you tomorrow in Milan for the Dior experience "The New Nude" at the Pop-up Mazzolari!
I want to share with you this wonderful experience!
Happy Sunday To Everyone
Eccomi qui !
Allora ci vediamo domani a Milano per l'esperienza Dior "The New Nude"al Pop-up Mazzolari !
Wow .. non vedo l'ora di condividere l'esperienza con tutti voi !

A New "Grizzly" Ankle Boots

My new Ankle Boots!
Gray with a high heel and platform, I want to wear them!
Girls, monday are you ready to follow me in my adventure in Milan
-Dior experience- ?! ;-)
Lots of Kisses
Ecco i miei nuovissimi Ankle Boots !
Color tortora, tacco vertiginoso e plateau.....WOW !
Non vedo l'ora di indossarli; 
Lunedì sarò a Milano per vivere l'avventura nel...

Intervista Giurati – Miss Val di Merse

Finally the video interview to Miss Val di Merse!
Finalmente il video-intervista per Miss Val di Merse  dove ho partecipato come giurata.

A new and exciting experience, the participants obviously very talented and beautiful you are put into play giving us a wonderful evening.
I thank in a special way Valentina Tomei, Richard and Marion Pacciani Venturini.

È stata un'esperienza nuova ed entusiasmante, le partecipanti talentuose ed ovviamente...

Beauty Day – Video Tutorial for the eyes Kiotis Paris

200 ml € 13,50
Agli estratti di Malva e Fiordaliso.
Neanche il trucco a lunga tenuta e resistente all'acqua riesce a resistergli !
(spedizione gratuita e soddisfatti o rimborsati*) 

Oggi ho preparato questo video tutoria per mostrarvi come lo Struccante Rapido Occhi e Labbra Kiotis Paris
 funzioni veramente;
è uno struccante efficace che in più idrata la pelle...

Il Prêt à Porter, la Moda a Portata di Tutti – A Rainy Day

Like every Tuesday at 17 I'm guest at Manuela Battaglia in "Ingresso Libero" on Radio Siena for the usual appointment with the fashion and beauty;
                   To listen to the live at 17,

Unfortunately, today it is raining, but I found an outfit suitable for rain!
                        What do you think?
Dior Jungle Collection
       Dior Vernis...

Happy Sunday To Everyone !

Last night I spent a funny evening!
I ate my beloved "Pollo al Mattone" to "La Sosta di Violante" Restaurant in Siena, 
where I was a waitress a few years ago while I was studying for my degree;

Ieri sera ho trascorso una serata divertente e piacevole !
Ho mangiato il mio adorato Pollo al Mattone alla "Sosta di Violante" a Siena, dove...

My New Room/Shoes ! ;-)

Finally my room shoes is over! 
Actually, there are many shoes and so I have to buy other wooden shelves ! 
What do you think ?!
Obviously, when the room is finished I will show you the photos!
Dopo due giorni di lavoro, in cui sono riuscita a ferirmi alla mano ed avere la vernice anche nei capelli, ho finito di dipingere la...

My Favoite Selection – Bottega Veneta Bag & Tiffany Nacklace

 What do you think of this selection? It is fantastic for me ...

Today was a busy day, but I'm very happy because I spent time with a dear friend, I helped her to choose a special outfit!

Cosa ne pensate di questa selezione ? 
A me piace molto, soprattutto la Bottega Veneta Bag abbinata alla collana di Tiffany,
non trovate siano deliziose...

Tommy Hilfiger Suede Boots & Locman Pocket Watch

Today I did a lot of things, so I chose a casual look but with a trendy watch, 
what do you think of my pocket watch Limited Edition "Giglio" By Locman ?!
Giornata piena di impegni, in giro tutto il giorno, per questo ho scelto un outfit casual ma senza ronunciare ad un tocco chic,
cosa ne pensate del mio...

Next Dior Experience – Dior The New Nude

This morning I opened the mailbox and I read: "Event Blogger invitation - Dior The New Nude ", I cried like a crazy girl!
I'm very passionate about Make-Up and it was amazing to read that I was invited along with other bloggers Monday October 15 at the Pop-up Store Mazzolari in Milan, for an Dior Experience.
Now I'm Really Excited..!
I immediately started to...

Work in Progress for a New Image

After a few days of work for a new look for To Be Addicted To Shoes, my fashion blog and lfestyle, we're almost done!
The blog as we need to feel fashionable and trendy,
What do you think?
Cosa ne pensate del nuovo look per To Be Addicted To Shoes, il blog di moda e lifestyle che ho creato nel 2010 ?